Sam Greenwood Calls German High Rollers Cowards

A high roller from Canada Sam Greenwood has already won titles in the world poker arena for several times. He has never been seen in a conflict with someone, but at the Aussie Millions in Melbourne he still found an excuse.

There was a tournament for the Aussie Millions $50,000 Challenge, where only 2 players registered at the beginning of the game. Organizers pushed the start of the event for a couple of hours. Sam Greenwood and one more player sat down, four of them in total. According to Greenwood, while the participants played a short SNG, several famous Germans circled around them waiting for a couple of recreational players to enter the game. Canada’s player called them vultures and cowards for such a behavior.


In four hours, Sam won the tournament taking three buy-ins for the win. In his reports, he did not mention any names, but Koray Aldemir and Steffen Sontheimer answered with lightning speed. The latter asked Greenwood to stop relating Dietrich Fast to the same gang of “Germans”.

Organizers definitely need to take some measures against such behavior which can frighten off or simply irritate poker fans.


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