The Contract With the WPT CEO Adam Pliska Was Extended for Four Years

As reported in the official press release, the World Poker Tour will remain under the leadership of the current CEO Adam Pliska who agreed to extend the contract with the parent company Ourgame International Holdings, Ltd for another four years.

Adam Pliska took the lead of the WPT in 2009, but had been working for the company since 2003. He managed to achieve a significant growth of the series despite the severe consequences of “Black Friday” and completely changed the relationship with the sponsors. This could be a very painful blow for a company that had many hours of television broadcasting.

However, under the leadership of Pliska, the series grew to 70 tournaments, spreading its presence to 150 countries on five continents. Continuation of expansion is one of the company’s priorities. This was stated by Adam during the WPT Tournament of Champions Media Forum in April last year. Also, he stressed that the WPT was aimed at comprehensive global growth.

It seems that after the major tournaments in China, India, and Japan Pilska’s concept is beginning to be realized.

It should be added that such brands as, for example, Five Diamond World Poker Classic continue to please with record prize funds and the number of participants.

Another important element of Pliska’s strategy was the coverage of WPT players of low and medium limits. In 2017, WPT launched WPTDeepStacks specifically for players who can afford a buy-in about $1,000. The WPT500 series is a huge success in the US and UK.

Strategic partnership with companies such as Zynga, Poker Central and other sponsors, spurred the WPT growth and allowed players to get an additional bonus in the form of a champions’ tournament at the end of the season.

It seems that Ourgame is more than satisfied with the dynamics of the WPT development under the leadership of Pliska. So now, after the contract is renewed, he will have four more years to implement his strategy. In turn, Adam believes that the best is still ahead.


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